Important Dates for Broadcasters

On and after August 2, 2012, all full-power television broadcasters will upload new public file documents to the Commission's online public inspection file. Except for the political file, broadcasters will have six months after August 2, 2012, to upload public file documents that were in the file prior to August 2, 2012.

In the case of the political file, only broadcasters affiliated with the top four national television broadcast networks in the top 50 DMAs are required to upload their political files beginning on August 2, 2012, and must do so only on a going-forward basis.

No pre-August 2, 2012 political files need to be uploaded. All other TV broadcasters will begin to upload new political files on July 1, 2014, and will be exempt from uploading any documents already in their political files on that date.

Broadcaster Facility Sign In

  • You will need a facility id and passcode to sign in and manage your station's Public Inspection Files.
  • The FRN Sign In, allows the FRN holder to use their primary FRN and associated password to see their stations' facility ids and associated passcodes and to track the history of each station's Public Inspection Files. There is a link on the Facility Sign In to switch to the FRN Sign In screen.
  • Organizations with multiple FRNs may want to test their alternate FRN before contacting FCC for assistance.